What is Local Marketing

Local Marketing is promoting your business, product or service to a relatively small geographic area. This could be a village, town, city, parish, county or state. In other words, you are marketing to your past, current or potential customers nearby.

It consists of specific strategies to highlight your business as being the best at what you do. A good local marketing strategy places you in key places online, so that those who are searching for your product or service can find you.

Yahjam Local Marketing

We love our local businesses. They are integral to our success as a nation. These small business owners work so hard though, they have no time to develop certain skills. We will show business owners how to benefit from a local marketing plan from Yahjam.

Time has changed, and the customer spends most of his time on an electronic device. The task at hand is how to reach them on those devices.

Local marketing brings you, your business and or your product right on those electronic devices. A good local marketing campaign will place you in front of your target market wherever they are online.

What is local marketing

How Can I Benefit?

  • Eliminates Competition

    When you choose to be found for a local search term such as “best barber in Montego Bay”, you firstly eliminate the other barbers in Montego Bay who are not online. You also eliminate other barbers in Montego Bay who have not optimized their web property to rank for that term.

  • Builds Brand Recognition

    The more your business turns up in local search, the more it builds your brand’s recognition and reputation. satisfied customers will share the good news online making your service go viral.

  • Increase in Sales

    Through Local Marketing, you are eliminating or topping the competition and building your brand and reputation to those who are searching for your service. It is inevitable therefore that your sales will rise. Give the people what they came to you for, and your business will grow on the back of our local marketing strategies.

  • Increase in Referrals

    When people follow you, like, share and comment on your posts on social media, that increases your referrals as people give you the ‘thumbs up.’ Likewise, if you have a website and people leave testimonials and post reviews, those also increase your chances of getting referrals from others. The result, more growth for your business or service.

Yahjam Local Marketing Benefits

Yahjam’s local marketing will bring you these benefits:

  • Create a local marketing plan to build your brand.
  • Create an optimized website targeted to dominate local search listings.
  • Create optimized & enhanced local listings to get high ranking on search engine results.
  • We seek to dominate result for the terms people use to find you online.
  • Incorporation into local online business directories.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that cater specifically to your local target audience.
  • Social media plan to get your business seen 24/7.
  • Social media marketing advertising to get your customers to you.
  • Facebook Retargeting incorporates your website with Facebook, creating for you a virtual private fan club.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) search campaigns that target your specific geographical area and demographic (age, sex, occupation, etc.)
  • We create engaging content to promote your business either on your own webite, blog or social pages.
  • Ratings & Reviews – By encouraging customers to rate & review your business on your local listings, you will increase conversions and gain a higher placement in local listings rank.
  • Testimonials – by incorporating testimonials on your website, you will prove trust, reliability and increase conversions.
  • Video marketing – one video makes a world of difference. We create videos that convert easily bringing in traffic and a website boost.
  • …And much, much more!

There are many valuable search terms in your area for you to exploit. Jumping in early and getting someone who knows how to execute the campaigns, can create a massive boost to your business.

About Brian Elliott

Brian Elliott is the founder of Yahjam Web Services. He has been working online since 2008,. He has amassed extensive experience in website development and web design as well as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, graphic design and web hosting.

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