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Web hosting Jamaica services by Yahjam Host is a full featured shared hosting service. You get fast, reliable hosting. In fact, Yahjam Host runs on the servers of one of the top web hosting companies in the world. You get a fast and efficient server, 99.99% uptime guarantee, personal customer service, and so much more.

Web Hosting Jamaica – Fast Hosting!

Need excellent web hosting Jamaica? Yahjam Host has extremely fast shared hosting! The report above from Bitcatcha gives an idea of our server performance.

Google recommends speeds of 200ms or less. 

Yahjam Host Server Speed Report from Bitcatcha.com

Why Do You Need Hosting?

Web hosting Jamaica: Every website has to be hosted on a server. This is a high-speed, high capacity computer that allows your website to be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The success of your website depends in no small way, on the quality of your web hosting service.

Why Yahjam Host?

  • Built for Speed!

    Yahjam servers are built for speed. They run on Solid State Drives (SSD’s), which are 20% faster than the traditional spinning drives that most web hosts provide.

  • Managed Resources

    This is number one problem with website hosting. Each server has a fixed capacity. Hosting companies know that the more accounts they can store on each server, the more money they make. Most, therefore, cram as many accounts as possible on their servers. We stay away from this practice. We DO NOT overload our servers.

  • We Offer You The Same Hosting We Use

    This website, Yahjam.com, is hosted on Yahjam Host. This is in fulfilling our mandate to “Do to others as you would like the to do to you.” We are providing you with the same service we enjoy for many of our websites.

  • Premium Hosting for Less

    Because we have a deal with this #1 hosting reseller, on an average, we are able to charge you less than our hosting providers do. The result is that you get an excellent shared hosting service at a fraction of the real cost.

  • Create Almost Any Type of Website

    You can create almost any type of website you wish through Yahjam Host. In addition, each of our packages gives the option to create more than one websites.

  • SSD Included FREE

    SSD Drives increase speed by up to 20%. These are electronic, immoveable drives instead of the traditional spinning hard drive. These are included Free, while some others charge.

Web Hosting Jamaica - Free domain name

Web Hosting Jamaica – Yahjam Host Services



  • Purchase domain names for as little as $10.79 for a .com domain.
  • Transfer your existing domain name to Yahjam Host’s servers.



  • Get a FREE Domain Name with your purchase.
  • Hosting starts at only $4.99 per month.
  • Fast SSD drives, 99.99% Uptime, Unlimited data transfers.



  • Secure your website and protect your visitors from hackers.
  • SSL Certificates start at only $14.95 per year.
  • Free Installation for websites hosted on Yahjam Host.

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