TJR Englishwear Jamaica Web Design Story


TJR Englishwear Website HomepDigital Bundle Mockup


TJR Englishwear has been in business since 2003, but have only now decided to create a website on the advice of Yahjam Web Services. They are seeking to access the online community through social media, but first they need a website base.

They are a niche clothing store which supplies authentic Englishwear to the Jamaican market.

TJR Englishwear is not yet able to enter into Ecommerce, so the website is simply to give samples of the types of products they have on sale.



The Website

We were given autonomy to choose the design except for the colours. We chose a predominantly white website which best highlights the products. We used a slider and hero images for each page to isolate the white header.

Visual Design

TJR Englishwear said his business is Englishwear, so the website had to reflect the colours of the Union Jack, the British flag. We therefore chose the  red, white and blue as the main colours for the website.

We used a white background to accentuate the products. We also created a simple logo to reflect the British heritage.


Blue #136495


Red #912F3A

Boxed Background

Black 302B2B


We used Telex font, a humanist, legible sans-serif. It is a multi-purpose typeface with low contrast, open counter forms, wide proportions and adds a touch of freshness.

Telex font

Final outcome

Here is the final outcome of the design process. This is a full page wide layout so there is no background, but we have added grey background to display the website below.

The picture of the girl (below the red section) is a parallax photo that widens as you scroll. Because of how the screenshot is taken, it appears as if the image is narrow and poorly laid out. That is not the case in real use.

TJR Englishwear Homepage

Final Thoughts

This website achieves all that TJR Englishwear required. At the time of writing, it was not yet published. Still to be added is a blog and social sharing.

Let’s work together.

Call now: 1 (876) 573-7433