Stop doing these social media mistakes.

1. Sharing the wrong photo
It’s one of the worst mistakes you can actually make. Currently many people use their phone as their principal device for social media and as you know the thumbnails for photos are not as big as you’d like them to be. Adding the wrong photo can be horrible as you might share private photos that no one was supposed to see or the one that will bring you trouble (think Anthony Weiner here!). Luckily you can delete any post after publishing, but the key thing is to actually check your post after posting!

2. Posting too much (Twitter or not)
Even though social media can help you to share your life with others don’t be the person who posts about every single thing in their life. Seeing your posts every 10 min will make your friends annoyed with you and you most likely will end up being unfollowed or blacklisted.

3. Drunk posts
This mistake will not only embarrass you the next morning but could also ruin relationships with people that you like. The best way to avoid such situations is to use some complicated lock screens to stop yourself from actually opening social media apps in the first place.




4. Accidentally adding people while stalking them
Everyone likes to look up people they like, they work with or they don’t talk to anymore. It is very easy to add them accidentally to your friend list. Usually social media have cancel buttons which can save you from embarrassment before a person will receive the invite.

5. Posting about your job
Most people tend to think that their personal life and work life as different and should not be connected. However, in modern life you might have your boss as a friend on Facebook or Twitter. Posting negative things about your job can get you fired. Think twice before posting anything online.

6. Liking old photos
Sometimes everyone likes to look through their old photos or simply scroll through an Instagram feed of a person they like. The most common mistake is to like it by accident. It is a very clear signal that you stalked them and they may think you are a weirdo.




7. Liking your own post/comment
It’s just a general rule not to like posts or comments that you posted yourself. As much as you can congratulate yourself for wittiness it is actually a sign that you feel insecure about things that you post. Just stop it!

8. Leaving account open
If you use social media on someone else’s device, always log out. Even though this seems obvious, many people forget to do it. You’ve seen many posts from strangers or friends mocking the account owner. With the new features available, it is also a big hole in your personal data security. Be aware…;

9. Mixing your accounts
Twitter is not Facebook, as well as your work account is not your personal account. Different platforms have different purposes and you need to remember the difference. Spamming your newsfeed with photos one by one in Instagram for example is not a great idea. Same as posting personal statuses on your work account (here scheduling posts will actually help),

10. Being tagged in a (very) bad photo
Of course, you cannot always influence your friends posting photos of you from parties or social events, however, you can change your setting to be able to actually approve what goes on your timeline. Look through your privacy settings and you will see how much control you have over your account.





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