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Yahjam Social Media Jamaica takes care of ALL your social media tasks. You can now concentrate on growing your business.

As a small business owner, it is difficult to take time off from your business to regularly post to social media.
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Yahjam Social Media Jamaica to the rescue

Yahjam Social Media Jamaica presents an active, vibrant social presence for you. When your existing customers or potential customers look for you or your service, they can find you. They not only find you but see you as an authority with credibility and relevance. That is the power of Yahjam social media management Jamaica.

Your social media content done for you on autopilot!

It is challenging for you to post regularly to your social media account. Regular posting keeps your accounts dynamic. Consequently, you get increasing social engagement.

This includes more likes, comments, shares and follows. All of these determine how powerful a social presence you will have. This social presence then determines sales, leads and brand recognition.

The typical small business does not have the time or the know how to execute a winning social media strategy. In addition, your budget may not be as large as that of a big company. That’s where Yahjam Social Media Jamaica comes in.

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Quality Content Posted 6-days* a week on Social Media at Affordable Prices

You never have to worry about missing a post again!
For one insanely low price, Yahjam Social Media Jamaica posts quality content specifically created for YOUR BUSINESS.
* Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest posting 6-days per week, Instagram posting 5-days per week.
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  • Quality content posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest 6-days a week, throughout the year.

  • Articles and images carefully chosen to match your business and encourage engagement with visitors.

  • Unique content, specifically created for your business.

  • Consistent use of Hash Tags to increase your chance of being found in social searches.

  • We are available via phone, email and chat. Easy access to support.

All-inclusive at just $99/month!

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How to use social media marketing for your small business

It is easy to get started.
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We have add-on services for other social networks. These include Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Some services are available now, while some coming soon. You may choose your add-on on the order form in Step 1 or simply choose your package from the Pricing page.

Yahjam Social Media Jamaica is available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

We believe in earning your business, so there is no contract. You can leave at any time. As a result, it’s our job to make sure you love our service.

Yahjam Social Media Jamaica takes the time to research your business, competition and target audience. We will then know exactly what is best for your business.

Yes, you may also post as little or as much as you wish. It is all up to you.


If you have more questions or need support, you may contact us through:

  1. Email [email protected]
  2. Call 876 573 7433
  3. Contact us through the chat box below
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