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Pixabay releases a app

Finally! Pixabay has now released their mobile app, to the joy of thousands who work with online.

If you work with images, you should know about Pixabay. It is probably the largest continuously updated repository of free images on the net. There are over 850,000 free images to choose from.

The images are contributed by the same persons who use them. It is a sort of "I need this, here is one you may need as well." In other words, members contribute images for other members to use.

A few months ago, they were asking for contribution on their website to go towards creating a mobile app. Now that app is a reality.

Here is a statement from CEO and developer of Pixabay, Simon Steinberger. Download links are posted in his statement, so if you wish to download the app, scroll down the statement below.

Comment from Pixabay CEO, Simon Steinberger

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