Jamaica over 1 million subscribers

Over 1 Million Jamaicans Use Smartphones

Do you wonder how many Jamaicans use smartphones? Over 1 million Jamaicans use smartphones. This from Digicel data from over a year and a half ago (January 2015). Digicel is one of 2 carriers in Jamaica. Flow also has an estimated 1/10th of Digicel’s subscriber base. The 1 million figure means that more than 45% percent of Digicel’s subscribers use smartphones. This is way above the penetration figure for Latin America and the Caribbean, which stands at only 20%.

Penetration is Growing

This number is expected to now be far above that figure. Indeed, There was a 20% growth in the last 3 months of 2014 and people are rapidly acquiring the devices. Since then, the rate of acquisition has increased, and in 2016, most Digicel subscribers now have a smartphone. What does this mean for your business? It means that your customers and potential customers are on their smartphones, right within your reach.

What Does Smartphone Use Mean For Your Business?

How can you reach them? Almost all are on social media. The smartphones come with social media apps pre installed. Most activate these social apps and use them. Your business is then right within their reach. Social media marketing reaches them right where they are. Check out Yahjam Social.

Most Effective Way To Reach Smartphone Users

You can reach them most effectively if you have a website, particularly one that is responsive or mobile friendly. Responsive means that the website adjusts perfectly to the size of your screen, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Most people think that having a social media page is the best way to take advantage of mobile users, but that is only a part of the puzzle. You need a mobile friendly website to take them from your social media page to your website so you can get them to do exactly what you want them to do. You may want them to buy something, or subscribe or get leads or give more information.

Nothing beats a website, because it is your property. A website is like a piece of real estate that appreciates in value over time. It builds your brand and reputation and handled well, can be your 24/7 cash machine. In short, your customers are waiting for you on their mobile devices. If you do not know how to get them, someone else will.

Google Ranks Mobile Friendly Sites

Google is ranking websites based on whether or not they are mobile friendly. With more and more persons using their smartphone for search, you will want yours to be mobile friendly. That way, your website will turn up when they search Google on their smartphones (Google the default search on Android phones which dominate the Jamaican market). That means more persons coming to your website, which means more leads, subscribers and sales.

Jamaica Observer article from January 11, 2015

Digicel Jamaica on Friday announced that the number of its subscribers who use smartphones surpassed one million last December, reflecting a 20 per cent growth during the last three months of 2014. According to the telecommunications giant, this latest milestone means that more than 45 per cent of its subscriber base now use smartphones. This, Digicel Jamaica said, is well ahead of the 20 per cent smartphone penetration across Latin America and the Caribbean reported by Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA) last year.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Do you have an existing website? Have you ever checked if it is mobile friendly? You may do so here. If it is not mobile friendly, you will need to heve it converted as mobile is not going away anytime soon, it is only going to get more prevalent. Digicel promises full mobile penetration by 2016. We are halfway through 2016.

Planning a New Website?

What if you are planning to get a new website? Make sure it is mobile friendly. How do I make sure it is mobile friendly? Ensure that the developer is using a responsive CMS (content management system) such as WordPress. Where can I find such a developer?

Yahjam’s Mobile Friendly Websites

Yahjam specializes in WordPress websites. We build sites that are responsive (mobile friendly), adjusting to any sized screen on which it is displayed.

Yahjam’s Search Engine Optimized Mobile Websites

Not only that, but we also build your sites search engine optimized, targeting your specific keywords so you show up in search results for both desktops and mobile.

Yahjam Mobile App Creation

Yahjam also takes it a step further and can additionally convert your website into a mobile app that your customers can download from Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store.

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