There are two nightmare scenarios for parents worried about their children’s use of the internet: the first is checking the browser search history only to find questionable terms such as ‘boobs’; the second is the concern that innocent searches bring up content inappropriate for young children.

The recently launched “Kiddle” — which promises to keep kids safe in their internet searching — aims to change that.


The child-friendly search engine promises to eliminate the possibility of your child stumbling upon twerking videos and worse.

Kiddle, powerered by Google safe search but not owned by them, looks very much like Google, but with a few child-friendly tweaks.

According to Tech Times, Kiddle offers search results that are hand-picked by editors. The first one to three results will always be curated by the editors — safe sites written specifically for children.

The next few results feature sites that use simple language that is easy for children to understand. The rest of the results are tailored to adults but are still filtered by Google safe search.

Indeed, searching for “butts” and “boobs” results in an angry robot man telling you to try again.


Even searching for seemingly harmless terms like Justin Bieber will only yield family-friendly results (nothing about naked butts).


However, before you get too excited, some people have reported a few issues with using the site.

Hopefully Kiddle will resolve these glitches soon.

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