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Yahjam Video Marketing Jamaica

Video Marketing Is Now The Most Powerful Way to Reach Your Prospects!

Why Video Marketing?

  • Increases Organic Traffic

    “Video Drives a 157% Increase In Organic Traffic From Search Engines” – Brightcove

  • Improves Your Rankings

    “Video content dramatically increases the chances of showing up on the front page of Google. Precisely, by 53 TIMES” – Cisco

  • Consumers Would Rather Watch A Video

    4x As Many Consumers Would Rather Watch A Video About A Product or Service Than Read About It” – eMarketer

  • Videos Get You Tons More FREE Traffic

    “Videos are more likely to be shared than any other online media, in fact 92 percent of mobile videos viewers share videos with othersgiving you a HUGE boost in free viral traffic” – Invodo

  • Prospects More Likely To Buy After Watching A video

    “40% of Consumers State That Video Increase The Chance They Will Purchase A Product On Their Mobile Device” – Adobe

  • Video Dramatically Increases Your Conversions

    “70% of Marketers Claim That Video Produces More Conversions Than ANY Other Content” – Vidyard

We not only create your videos, but rank them as well.

Yahjam Video SEO service use best practices to rank your video as high as possible on YouTube and in the search engines.

Now you not only have a video, but one that REALLY gives you the results you have been looking for.

How Video Marketing Can Work For You

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Video Creation

There is an 80% increase in conversion when you have a video on your landing page. 64% of consumer are likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. A user will spend 88% more time on your website if it has videos. What does that mean for you? Video marketing is a must. Combining a video in your marketing plan will dramatically increase visitors and more easily convert viewers into customers. You need a high converting video that gives the viewer exactly what he or she is looking for. That video must also lead the person watching it to take the action you want them to take. Yahjam videos are specially created to convert. They are simple, short videos that work without you having to spend a fortune. Order below. Don’t forget to add our Yahjam VideoRanker service and save over 33%. Rank your video through multiple video sharing sites, websites, social networks and social bookmarking sites.

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Videos are similar to websites in one respect. They are of no use if no one sees them. Just as we do SEO (search engine optimization) for our websites, smart marketers do Video SEO, which are specific strategies (White Hat) to ensure the video ranks as high as possible. This ranking is on YouTube as well as in Google and other search results. Yahjam offers effective video ranking services along with our video creation service. We can create your videos and rank them for your keywords to ensure your videos are seen. If you already have a video that is not being seen, we can work to make it rise to or close enough to the top for you to reap the benefits. Our unique VideoRanker service will ensure multiple rankings and backlinks, and high visibility through each video we rank.

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YouTube Advertising

Videos is the next big thing in marketing, and the next big thing in advertising is YouTube advertising. YouTube has built itself to being the third most visited website on the planet with 1.3 billion viewers. It is therefore no surprise that YouTube advertising has begun with a bang. Like most things in the world of video, YouTube Advertising is largely untapped. Gain an edge over your competitors by utilizing Yahjam’s YouTube Advertising services. Coming Soon.