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Hotel Tropik Leadonna is located on Greenwood Main Road in Montego Bay, St James. The hotel has a strong online presence, but has not been able to capitalize as they are on other websites that promote their business. They want to build their own professional website so that they can book from ther own web property.


Hotel Tropik Leadonna has committed two (2) cardinal sins of local business:

  1. They had no website of their own from which visitors could book rooms.
  2. They placed their bookings on several online hotel booking websites.

Scam Artists

Several scam artists seized the opportunity and created bookings for Hotel Tropik Leadonna. These opportunists directed visitors to different phone numbers purporting to be representing Hotel Tropik. They pretended to check if there was any room available, then said there was none.

Then, they directed the caller to another hotel. This was related to us by the owner, who personally called and experienced it.

The owners have also created another problem: getting their new website to be seen in the sea of Hotel Tropik Leadonna listings. For them to rank even for their own name, they will have to do some serious SEO on their website.


The Hotel Tropik Leadonna website needs to achieve the following goals:

  • Promote their hotel on their own website
  • Reduce loss of potential visitors
  • Let website visitors book own room without need for a third party booking website
  • Rank website for high search engine visibility

Visual Design

Hotel Tropik Leadonna is very conspicuous on the Greenwood Main Road in its unique bluish green paint, contrasted by shades of yellow. We therefore chose similar shades so that the website will reflect the look of the hotel.






We wanted to achieve two things. We wanted the website to look elegant and we wanted it to be readable. As such, we chose the lobster font for the headings. This neat, cursive font adds the look of elegance. Readability is achieved through the highly readable Droid Sans font, which pairs excellently with the Lobster font.

Lobster font
Droid Sans font

Final outcome

Here is the final outcome of the design process. There seems to be double images at the bottom of the image, but that is due to the parallax feature working while the screenshot was being taken. It does not actually look like that on the website.

Hotel Tropik Leadonna Homepage

Final Thoughts

The owners were very pleased with the outcome of the website. Now, the task is to get it optimized for the search engines to battle the highly competitive Montego Bay Jamaica hotel niche.

Let’s work together.

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