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Google Adds Google Maps Video

Google is adding Google Maps video to its listings and searchers will soon see them in search results

The videos can be uploaded via Google via an Android device. However, they can be viewed not only from Android but also from a desktop or iOS device as well.


Many Possibilities

With the powerful capability of video, this opens a whole new realm of possibilities. Indeed, according to Google Local Guides blog:

”When you’re at a place, you can create video of the interior or exterior, or specific details like an item in a shop or a dish in a restaurant. You can even put yourself on camera do a video review.”

My friend, for example, has a local restaurant. Wouldn’t he love to have a Google Maps video that shows the direction to his establishment? Sure enough, this is now possible using Google Maps.


Google Maps Android Phone


Google Maps Video Rolling Out To Google Local Guides

According to Google, the feature will first be rolled out to Local Guides.

I am also a Local Guide but have not yet received an email about the feature.


Who Is A Google Local Guide?

Google Local Guides are persons who Google sees as being fit to contribute to building up data for its Google Maps. In return for their contribution, these local guides gain points for adding data (reviews and information) to the map. This includes information, reviews, photos and now videos.

If you are interested in becoming a Google Local Guide, you may sign up here.


Google Maps Videos Limited

Unfortunately, there is a 10 second limit on videos added through Google Maps.

To add video via Google Maps, just scroll to “Photos” and click “Camera.”

Additionally, Local Guides can also add videos that are already on their device by selecting “Folder” instead of “Camera.” The limit is increased to 30 seconds of video.

Note, that Google Maps videos can only be shot in the vertical or portrait mode.


Sample Videos

Here are some sample videos just to give an example of what is possible using the video feature of Google Maps.

Here is another example of video shot for Google Maps.

Google Adds Google Maps Video To Its Listings

Google continues to improve its improvements to Google Maps. Indeed, by adding Google Maps video, it seems evident that for the future, businesses must be optimized for Google Maps in order to stay competitive in search.

To have your business optimized for Google Maps, contact us today.


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