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10 Things That Make a Good Web Hosting Service

Good web hosting service, how can I find one? There are literally hundreds of web hosting providers on the internet.

What is a Web Hosting Provider?

By the way, what is a hosting provider? It is a company that sells space on its computer servers so that websites and other web properties can be hosted there. The company you choose will be your email and website hosting services provider, so you want to choose well.

web hosting

Difficult Choice

There is stiff competition among website hosting companies. We will be bombarded with choices as we search for the best hosting providers. What makes this choice even more difficult is affiliate marketing.

Web hosting companies pay affiliates generously for promoting their hosting companies. Aggressive affiliates will sell to make a profit. Their choice may or may not be a genuinely good web hosting service.


What Makes a Good Web Hosting Service?

It is best to know what to look for. I will try to help you make an excellent choice by pointing out 10 things that make a good web hosting service.


1. Reliability (Uptime)

Do not settle for less than 99.99% uptime guarantee. This describes how much time your hosting is guaranteed to be up and running. How important is this? Just look at the difference between 99.99% and 99.90% uptime. That .09% is approximately 10 minutes per week! Think about how much business or sales you could be losing in this 10 minutes.



2. Speed

A minimum of 500ms is recommended for a server’s speed, but do not settle for more than 200ms in your target location. What do I mean? Your server will run at different speeds in different locations. Make sure it is running quickly in your target location. If your server is based in the United States, it will run much quicker there than in the United Kingdom.

Why 200ms minimum? Google recommends a minimum of 200ms. This is critical for search engine ranking, where site speed is a critical metric. The servers of a good web hosting service company will be faster than 200ms.

The chart below of Yahjam Host’s web hosting speed will illustrate exactly what I am saying.



Server speed report from Bitcatcha.com


3. Disk Space and Bandwidth

Many web hosts offer unlimited disk space but include a clause in the fine print of the hosting contract. This clause allows them to shut down your hosting service if you use up too many resources. In that case, having unlimited disk space gives no advantage.

Many may not agree, but I definitely prefer if my disk space allocation is stated (2GB or 5GB for example). This prevents any surprises as I know exactly what I am working with.

It is the same for bandwidth. Having a fixed disk size allocation means bandwidth should also not be a problem. This is control of resources by the hosting company in order to minimise the possibility of disrupting of your hosting service.

server disk space


4. Customer Support Chat

Customers must be able to communicate with customer service in instant chat. This separates good website hosting service providers from the rest. This minimises down time if your website has a problem. It ensures that you get back on track as quickly as possible.

customer chat


5. Price

With so much competition in the web hosting industry, there is no reason a good shared hosting service should be more than $5 per month.

Note well: cheapest is not usually the best. A very cheap company will compensate for the price with quantity. That is, they might cram many accounts on your server to make up for the reduced price they charge. If not properly managed, this will affect the speed and performance of your websites in the future.

dollar price reduction


6. Free Domain Name

This is a nice bonus. A domain name costs about $11 on average per year. Many hosting companies will offer this free for the first year as an incentive. A good web hosting service will offer this free domain hosting perk to its first-time customers. If it is available, why not get your domain name free? Check out this article entitled: 7 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing A Business Name.

domain name


7. Money-Back Guarantee

You will need at least a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is in case you are not happy with the service and need to discontinue. A good, solid, confident, reputable web hosting company will give a minimum of 30-day money back.

money back guarantee


8. cPanel Hosting

cPanel is the industry standard software that is used to control your hosting account. Almost all the best web service providers utilise cPanel. It makes a huge difference in how easily you control your hosting account. A good web hosting service will offer cPanel hosting.

cPanel - Yahjam Host



9. Public Contact Info

Look for everything from address to email to the telephone number(s) publicly displayed on the host’s website. Good web hosting providers have nothing to hide and allow you to contact them through many different channels.



10. Upgradability

Your website(s) will grow over time. You want hosting that will give you options to upgrade your account in keeping with your growth. This is the opposite of shutting you down when you start growing.


Conclusion: 10 Things That Make a Good Web Hosting Service

These 10 things will tell you whether or not you have found a good web hosting service. Looking for a web hosting provider with all these attributes?

Yahjam Host: A Good Web Hosting Service Provider

Yahjam Host - Why I recommend this little-known web hosting service


Our web hosting service, Yahjam Host gives 99.99% uptime guarantee. It is way faster than the recommended 200ms and costs less than $5 per month. We give a 45-day money back guarantee and offer cPanel hosting. We also offer fixed disk space with the unlimited bandwidth that comes with it. In this way, there are no surprises, what you see is what you get. What’s more, you get a free domain name with each package.

Main Features of Yahjam Host

  • Forum Software
  • Image Gallery
  • Web Calendar
  • Shared SSL
  • Control Panel
  • Blog Software
  • CMS
  • MySQL Support
  • Guest Book
  • Web Builder
  • 280+ Apps
  • WordPress Quick Install
  • WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface)
  • SSH Access
  • …And more!




Images via Pixabay.

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    You have defined the aspects very well but do you think a non-techy person can build a stack and manage services by itself? Managing server is a big task and this can be solved by managed hosting platforms where you can build a stack and manage services in minutes.


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