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The first thing someone notices when they visit your site is the design. If it looks disorganized and unappealing, they might just leave and never come back again. Therefore, you need to ensure that your site is designed in a professional and user-friendly manner. Here are some of the common web design mistakes you need to avoid:

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1. Excess colors

Color is a very important element of any website. Before you begin designing your website, you need to decide which colors you are going to use. Preferably, your site should have not more than three main colors. Having excess colors will only cause your site to look cluttered. Make sure the colors chosen are consistent with your brand or the theme of your site. For instance, if your site focuses on environmental issues, it would be advisable to have green as your main color. Similarly, a site focusing on women issues would look good with pink as the main color.

2. Excess ads

Placing ads on your website can be a very effective way of making money. However, having too many ads on your pages might only end up frustrating your visitors. As a result, they are likely to click away to other sites. You should especially avoid intrusive ads such as animated banners and popups which distract visitors away from the content on your site. Instead, it would be advisable to have a few informative text ads and banners. This will keep your site looking clean and uncluttered.

3. Heavy pages

The size of your pages will have a significant impact on their loading time. The bigger they are, the longer your site will take to load. Most web users are very impatient and will simply leave if your site takes too long to load. Therefore, besides having good content on your site, you need to ensure that it has a fast loading speed. You can use tools such as GTmetrix, WebPagetest and Monitis to check your page’s loading speed. A loading speed of less than 10 seconds is good. If it takes longer, you need to get rid of large elements such as photos and videos.

4. Illegible text

Text is a very crucial element of most websites. However, it would be pointless to have great content if people cannot read it. First, you need to ensure that your text color contrasts sufficiently with the background color of your site. Black text on a white background always works best. Avoid too much underlining, blooding and fancy fonts. In addition, you need to ensure that your font is neither too large nor too small for people to read.

5. Complex navigation

When people visit your site, they should be able to find what they are looking for without breaking a sweat. Therefore, you need to make the navigation of your site as intuitive and simple as possible. If possible, you could just have one menu with all the navigation options. Having too many dropdown menus and menus within menus might only end up confusing your visitors.

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Avoiding the mistakes above will ensure that your visitors have a pleasant user experience on your site. This will enhance their chances of returning and inviting others as well.



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