Not all websites are created equal. There are 4 important elements that make a website successful. These are:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Website Design
  4. Original Content

Domain Name

This is the least critical of the 4 variables. A domain name is the address of the website. It is unique and identifies your site as the only one of that name among the millions of website that are active online.

A domain name is bought from a domain registrar and typically starts at less than $10 for a simple domain. A premium domain could cost in the tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The important thing to know? You cannot have a website without a domain name.

Web Hosting

Along with website design, web hosting is also extremely critical. Web hosting is storing your website on a computer (server) so your website can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The company that owns the server is called the web host.

There are different types of hosting, which vary in cost and features. The most common form of hosting is shared hosting. It is the cheapest, most widely used. Most importantly, it could retard your website to the point that it becomes a waste of time and money. Here’s how.

The web hosts make money by packing several accounts on each server (hence the name shared). The problem is, the resources of each server is fixed. The more accounts that use the server, the slower it gets, and performance issues rise.

The slower your website gets, the lower it will rank in Google search results. The slower your website also, the quicker people will leave. They will have no patience waiting on your slow loading site, when there are millions more to choose from.

There are some good hosts that restrict the number of accounts and still make money by charging just a little more. The disadvantage is you pay a little more, but the big advantage is that your website will be very fast and efficient and thereby get higher rankings in search results. More people will come to and also stay longer on your website because of this.

The web hosting company on which Yahjam is hosted is one such company. They are rated among the top 3 web hosting companies in the world and websites are being transferred to their hosting in droves as word gets around about their speed and reliability. That was how I found them. I was struggling after trying several web hosts. I did my research and found this company, and am now gradually migrating all my websites there.

I also tried $1 and $2 hosting. They work good for a month or two, then start to slow down, until they crawl at snail’s pace. Don’t be fooled by the attractively low numbers and marketing hype as I was.

Just remember, you cannot have a website without web hosting.

4 Most Important Elements for a Successful Website

Website Design

The third variable is website design. This again, is absolutely critical. Anyone can put a website together. As a matter of fact, not too long ago, it was okay to put up any type of website. The competition was low then, but has now grown. People then were also trying to beat the search engine system through various SEO methods, so the search engine companies (specifically Google) tightened up.

Now, building a website has to be done with proper search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. If not, your website may not rank at all, or rank for a while and then get buried. This means Google will not rank your website or rank it so low, it is never seen.

The site has to be optimized to give the search engines what they are looking for.  If not, you could be wasting your time and money as the search engines ignore or downright punish your site.

Search engine traffic is free (unless you do pay-per-click) and therefore it is important to make the site search engine friendly.

The navigation of the website also has to be good. There should also be calls to action to get visitors to do what you want them to do.

Finally, the website must be built as part of a marketing system to make your site a marketing machine able to be fired up simply by sending website traffic to it.


Finally, the content of the website must be original and written in simple language. It must have the keyword for which you are attempting to rank, but not more than 3% of the article must have that keyword. Copied content will incur penalty from Google. The number one search engine is constantly searching for fresh, new content.

That is why it is best to have a blog attached to your website. A blog adds regularly updated articles to your website, and search engines will rank you for those articles. This brings more visitors to your website from other search results than your main keywords.


Here at Yahjam, we are web designers, web hosts and internet marketers. We host your websites on the best web hosting. We create SEO friendly WordPress website designs and we know how to market your website.

Wherever you buy a website, a domain name, website design, good content and web hosting are a must.

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