With the advent of WordPress and readily available free web templates, youd think the days of dodgy were a thing of the past.

Well think again, because where theres an internet connection, theres a hilariously clunky and/or eyesore of a webpage to baffle and give you eye strain in equal measure.

Disclaimer: these websites will make your eyes hurt.

1. Evangel Cathedral the for an evangelical church in Maryland, whose websites primary goal appears to be to pummel your senses into submission.

Its a shame theyre not as religious about ensuring their website is user-friendly.

awful websites 1



2. Dineshs Personal Home Page the personal website for the enigmatic Dinesh, who is profusely apologetic about his/her brain aneurysm of a website.

If you squint your eyes hard enough, you just can just about make out the courteous message, which blunty reads: This page is always under construction. Pardon the mess, Im reorganizing...

awful websites 2



4. Huntgraphic the ambiguous website for what appears to be a military pandering vehicle wrapping company.

awful websites 4



3. Vision For Utopia the mind-bending website for a religious sect hellbent on disseminating its home truths in the form of incendiary statements and holier than thou proclamations.

awful websites 12



5. Arngren the cluttered website of an German retailer, who seem to have ignored rule number one of web conversion: dont put all of your products on one page.

If youre the kind of person who tends to use their floor as a wardrobe, or likes to hoard miscellaneous trinkets in tiny storage spaces, you might be able to relate to this websites chaotic layout.

awful websites 5



6. McCormick Recovery the minimalistic website of McCormick Recovery, whose no-frills approach is to be commended in a world of Kanye West, Made In Chelsea and John Lewis ad campaigns.

awful websites 6



7. Fabric Land the bog standard website of, believe it or not, a fabric trader, whose alluring descriptions of their products will have you gagging to buy their material before you can say bunting.

awful websites 7



8. The Creating Wellness Revolution the website of a self-confident chiropractor called Dr Burdash, whose biggest passion is encouraging people toward better health and lifestyle choices.

A good rule to live by is if someone cant sort out text justification then you probably shouldnt let them play with your spine.

awful websites 8



9. 29th Rudwick County Show the website for a country show in Rudwick, whose inappropriate use of an apostrophe in slideshows is completely unforgivable.

awful websites 9



10. Electrifying Times whose repetitive GIFs and spinning @ sign give the impression of a vintage arcade game, not the website for an industry magazine about electric cars.

awful websites 10



11. Yale School Of Art the avant garde website for the art department at Yale School Of Art. Yes, thats right, a department in the world renowned Yale University. Can the real web designers please stand up.

awful websites 11



12. Ron Oslands Home Page the personal home page for Ron Oslund, who hasnt been on the internet since 1997.

awful websites 3



13. The Afterlife naked angels, an ungodly number of GIFs and a flying chicken playing a guitar: could this be the worst (or the best) website ever? Lost. For. Words.

For those wondering yes, this is an actual website.

awful websites 13



15. Space Ark! the website for a science-fiction novel which claims it is intended to improve the world.

If something gives you flashbacks to 1997 as much as this does, then deserves to be thrown on the scrap heap.

awful websites 15



14. High Calling Cockers a cute website about cocker puppies and religious musings, but does anyone actually know what this all means?

awful websites 14





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